Jillian Ardoin, Certified Rolfer

My mission as a body worker, healer and educator is to provide my clients an educational opportunity to better understand the possibilities of growth for their body on a holistic level. I want to help clients access their full potential by way of re-aligning their physical structure for better vitality and well-being. I want to provide encouraging information to my clients that is useful on their journey to becoming closer to their true-original self.  Together we can renew your breath of life, align your spirit and integrate your whole being.

Benefits of Rolfing

Freedom of Movement

Pain Relief

Increased Flexibility

Range of Motion & Body Awareness

Fuller-deeper Breathes

Better Athletic Performance

Increased Energy

Better Posture & Circulation


  • Jillian is extremely gifted as a healer and Rolfer.  I am always amazed at what she senses and feels, through her hands and her connection to the subtleties of energy!  I leave every session feeling more connected to myself, more relaxed, and more aligned, more in my body.  I would highly recommend her if you want to have a powerful and sustainable shift in your body and your life.

     Leslie Jones
    Leslie Jones Executive Coach
  • I've worked with Jillian for many years, including during her schooling period towards her certification to become a Rolfer.  So, I've experienced Jillian's skills evolve and continue to develop as both a massage therapist as well as a Rolfer.  I've seen her bring her new skills to our sessions over the years, which I've greatly appreciated. She is an excellent listener when we start our sessions as she asks me about what areas of my body are in need of the most attention.  I often give Jillian feedback throughout our sessions and she immediately adjusts my treatment accordingly.  More recently, I've been working with Jillian for a Rolfing 10 Series.  I'm finding the Rolfing sessions particularly helpful as they work at a deeper level structurally within my body.   I've loved working with Jillian over the years, whether as a massage therapist or as a Rolfer and I highly recommend her.

    Shannon McGuire
  • My name is Laine Wolf. I am a 58 year our type A female who has been in the high pressure Wall Street position for 37 years. My husband Charlie and I took a couples massage class in our mid twenties because he too had a high pressure career and we needed to help each other with extremely tight neck muscles. I was also diagnosed with MS at age 31, so therin, Charlie and I began our journey of life with a chronic illness.  I had purchased a stack of gift certificates from a large Massage chain franchised in Boulder and gave Charlie an hour massage. Now, I believe there are no coincidences of how and when we meet the people who come into our lives; and figure out as time passes why they stay in our lives.. When he came home after his session he said, “I found the perfect Massage therapist & Rolfer for you." Into our lives came this sweet compassionate Steel Magnolia that has helped me through the shredded left ankle surgery, the shoulder crash scar tissue and mobility, and my right knee from years of hyper-extension (MS) running the stadium stairs at CU aerobics class. I’ve received much relief and reeducation of movement from my sessions with Jillian.  We continue our work together which continues to help me move around with a little more grace and ease in my body. I would recommend Jillian to anyone I know. I am recovering and getting stronger each day. My only regret is I did not know Jillian sooner. Y'all call her- you'll be glad you did.

    Laine Wolf
    Laine Wolf

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