Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being.

–Ida P. Rolf, PhD.

I am now certified in Rolfing® SI, also known as Rolfing™. This fascinating therapy was founded in the 50’s and 60’s by Biochemist Dr. Ida P.Rolf. She created a recipe that aims towards releasing restrictions in our connective tissue by bringing our structure closer to its vertical line. It restores healthy functioning of our body so that we can learn how to work with gravity rather than against it.

For those who choose to complete the Series this therapy provides more emotional and psychological well-being. Other positive aspects of this work include ease of movement, better posture, fuller & deeper breathes and a healthier and happier you!!


Benefits of Rolfing™

Freedom of movement, Pain Relief, Increased Flexibility, Range of Motion & Body Awareness, Fuller-deeper Breathes, Better Athletic Performance, Increased energy, Better posture & circulation

When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.

–Ida P. Rolf, PhD.


  • 1998 Olympic Silver Medalists, have found they have a competitive advantage by working with a team of specialists that included Helen James, Physical Therapist, and Certified Advanced Rolfer. Elvis Stojko introduced Helen James, Certified Advanced Rolfer to Michelle Kwan in July during the Campbell Soup Tour of World Figure Skating Champions. Stojko, who has benefited from James' physical therapy and Rolfing expertise says, "Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition; it puts my body in place." Working with Olympic and world champion figure skaters is nothing new for James. She says, "It's key for figure skaters like Michelle and Elvis, to find an exact balanced position in space. Balance and integration are the primary goals of the Rolfing process. Athletes find they have fewer injuries and recover more quickly through Rolfing work," says James. "They feel lighter and have more energy because they're not working as hard. They perform and complete their jumps with more ease." Three U.S. Athletes trained at the Rolf Institute® in June 1998: John Bauer, a 1992 & 1998 Olympian Nordic Skier; Grant Ernhardt, a US Biathlon team member; and Gary Colliander, a Minnesota Biathlete. Their stories are highlighted in a press release entitled, "The Ski-Rolfing® connection is stronger than just skiers getting Rolfing bodywork." These athletes say that a career in bodywork fits an athlete's lifestyle & furthers their training. It can offer them the flexibility to both train and work in a profitable and independent career.

    Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko
  • Sam Keen, best-selling writer, is a former Psychology Today editor and co-producer of award winning PBS documentary "Faces Of The Enemy". "Bodywork has allowed me at age 65 to live as vigorously as I want to, in an embodied way. Nine months ago I started studying flying trapeze work, and I couldn’t have done it without Rolfing." Whole Life Times, Aug.’94. When Sam Keen spoke of Dr. Ida Rolf as a true pioneer in his early Psychology Today 1970’s article, Rolfing bodywork gained international attention. Now thirty years later, Keen benefits by making Rolfing a part of his own health care regimen, to stay aligned, fit and flexible for his flying trapeze work.

    Sam Keen Best Selling Writer
  • Willie Nelson, songwriter: "My wife recommended (Rolfing) highly", says Willie Nelson, "...The first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain)," reported the New York Times, on Feb. 23, 1995

    Willie Nelson

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